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Hospital Administration

(A) Medical Administration of Hospital
Medical Superintendent

1.0 HODs/Director Professor/SAG Officer
1.1 Professor
1.2 Associate Professor
1.3 Assistant Professor
1.3.1 Senior Resident Junior Resident
1.4 Specialist (non-teaching)
1.5 Medical Officers Technicians (or Equivalent Staff) Assistants (or Equivalent Staff)

2.0 Nursing Superintendent
2.1 Dy. Nursing Superintendent
2.1.1 Asst. Nursing Superintendent Nursing Sister Staff Nurse ANM Nurse Nursing Orderly

3.0 Dy Medical Superintendent
3.1 Hospital Manager
3.1.1 Assistant Hospital Manager Housekeeping Supervisor Housekeeping Staff
3.2 Dietician
3.2.1 Kitchen Supervisor Cook and Kitchen Staff

4.0 Medical Stores In-charge (Medical Officer)
4.1 Pharmacist UDC Orderly

5.0 Medical Records Department Incharge (Medical Officer)
5.1 Medical Records Technician
5.2 Medical Records Assistant Orderly

5.1 Tie-up Medical Services Cell In-charge (Medical Officer)
5.1 Pharmacist UDC Orderly

(B) Non-Medical Administration
Medical Superintendent

1.0 Jt. Director (Admin)
1.1 Dy Director (Admin) - I
1.1.1 Assistant Director Office Superintendent UDC Stenographer & Typist MTS Estate Manager
1.1.2 IT Manager
1.2 Dy Director (Admin) – II (In-charge, Non-Medical Store)
1.2.1 Assistant Director Office Superintendent UDC Stenographer & Typist MTS

2.0 Jt. Director (Finance)
2.1 Dy. Director (Finance)
2.1.1 Assistant Director Office Superintendent UDC - Cashier Stenographer & Typist MTS
3.0.1 Assistant Engineer UDC MTS
(Disclaimer: The above schema do not represent exact hierarchy / seniority / reporting details of staff)